Health And Safety Made Simple

Health And Safety Legislation

This is a piece of document that helps you understand how you should manage and control your health and safety in an organisation or even your work place. It is contained in the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 chapter 37. Its main aim is to ensure that organisations embrace and support health and safety. It applies to all employers, employees and also the self employed persons.

Each and every organisation should/ must have a written health and safety legislation. The main Objectives of the legislation include;

1.Protect the health and safety of the people working
2.Controlling the use of inflammable substances that might be a threat during working at the organisation.
3.Protecting other people who might be injured as a result of the activities going on in the organisation.
4.Protecting the maintaining access and exits of the workplace

Under the act the main duties of employees are:

1.Always go for tests if requested by the employer
2.To take care and protect the health and safety of other people and themselves
3.To immediately any form of defects from the work place either the machines or any threat that might have been detected.
4.Not to be under the influence of drugs in the working place.
5.Not to engage in behavior that will harm them and the people around them.

Duties of the employer include:

1.Appoint a competent person as the health and safety officer
2. Provide protective for employees
3.Provide a safe working environment for the employees
4.Provide or train the employees on the safety measures at the work place.

Health and safety is one of the major requirements when a person decides to start a business or an organisation. This is because it provides the legal framework and increase the standards of an organisation and also ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and no costs are incurred just in case an accident happens.